Winner Wednesday: Quick and Dirty 40 for $30

NowAre you ready for a quick and dirty 40 minute jump-start session? If so, now is the time. For just thirty bucks, you’ll get down to the brass tacks strategic help in turning free floating ideas into solid plans. Whether you’re dying to ditch your cubicle to pursue your creative talents, or simply want to build time into your busy life for a side endeavor that makes you feel alive, we’ll skip the fluff and delve straight into the first steps you need to take in order to stop dreaming and start doing.

First, make your payment here.

Next, send me an email and introduce yourself! Please include the following information:

Who are you? What do you currently do for a living? What creative talents or big ideas do you have brewing? What do you see as your biggest obstacles to going from where you currently are to where you want to be? 

Please suggest three dates and times you would prefer for our consulting session, and let me know whether you prefer to talk via Skype or phone. 

It’s that simple! I’ll choose from the time suggestions you offer, and we’re ready to rock n’ roll.




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