Two Heads Are Better Than One

It is time to dust the cobwebs off the blog and announce the reason for the sudden lapse in blog posts. Partially, it’s because I almost died of a freak anaphylactic episode caused by an innocuous and unassuming looking square of baklava and used that opportunity to assess and reassess every minute detail of my life. 

And partially, the absence has been because of the restructuring that arose from the assessing and reassessing. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering who you are, why you’re here, and if life has any meaning, a near death experience will clear it all up for you in a hurry (although I suggest trying every other method first and then resigning yourself to uncertainty if you’re still not clear). 

There’s a blog post brewing on this topic in a more specific way, but this one is less about death and pastries than it is about the future of Dominate.

Dominate is getting married. On September 27th, the day before my 37th birthday, I will be marrying the woman of my dreams. She’s hella smart, outrageously good fun, just the right amount of touchy feely, and pretty much all around the best person I’ve ever known. This is good news for me. It’s also good news for Dominate, because after a lot of soul searching and making sure even after we knew we were sure, we’ve said, “I do,” on the business front, too.

We’re a great team. We’re very much alike in all of the ways that matter, with shared values, vision, and an over the top love of life and all things creative. But we’re different enough that this blog and our future clients will benefit from our unique perspectives and personalities. 

I was going to write this post tomorrow morning after a good night’s sleep. In all likelihood, it would have been much longer than this, and probably more coherent, too. But then Jena said, “I thought it would be nice if we made the announcement today, since it is our 2.5 year anniversary.”

So I’m posting it tonight. It is our 2.5 year anniversary, after all. And don’t tell anyone, but I secretly enjoy giving her pretty much anything she wants that I am capable of providing. I love it when she gets her way.

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